translationABC-Company E-skuvla AS was established to cover the professional part of the Sami language’s entry into the public domain.

Documents contain a lot of important information. The information is often closely tied to the language it is written in, and it is the translator’s task to transpose the information in documents from one language to another.

Our speciality: Translations between Sami (Northern, Lule and Southern) and Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish.

We also translate documents into many different languages, including English and Spanish.

• Public documents
• Legislative texts
• Technical descriptions
• Textbooks
• Advertisements
• Testimonials


ABC always delivers high-quality services by using translators with first-hand knowledge of the Sami language and society. All our translators have Sami as their mother tongue and have higher education in Sami language and culture.

Our expertise is your security

ABC treats all documents and personal information confidentially and guarantees to protect the customer’s privacy. We offer solutions for secure (encrypted) transfer of electronic documents in all parts of the translation process.