Sami Courses

lessonsThe northern part of the Scandinavia has always been a multicultural world with many different languages. After achieving the status of an official language, the Sami language has found its natural place in the public domain.

ABC-Company E-skuvla AS (ABC) was established in 2000 to meet the increasing need for language training and expertise in Sami matters. ABC is now an officially approved Sami online school and publisher.

Online language courses

• Sami 1-2-3-4 – Elementary Courses in North Sami

• Åvtese 1-2-3 – Elementary Courses in South Sami

• 1-2-3-4 lávkke – Elementary Courses in Lule  Sami

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Other courses

Sami culture and history has been recognised as an important part of Norwegian society. ABC-Company can develope specially designed courses for politicians and civil servants who wish to learn more about Sami society and rights, eg.

Sami culture and society
• Sami history
• Sami people – an indigenous people
• General social development in all the Sami areas

Sami rights
• Sami Act
• Reindeer Herding Act
• The right to Sami language


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