Our customers

customersWe are proud to offer Sami language services to the public administration in Norway: municipalities and county authorities, the judiciary, banks, schools, Sami institutions, organisations and media in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations conferring equal status on the Norwegian and Sami languages in official contexts.

Sametinget i Karasjok. Fotografert fra Hexacopter. IMG_6071

Some of our customers: The Sami Parliament, NRK Sápmi, Sami University College, NOKUT Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training



ABC collaborates with a number of players in
Sami language development and language training:
· The Sami Parliament
· Sami University College
· Sami Oahpahusguovddás (Inari, Finland)
· CyberBook AS
· Young Digital Planet
· Sami Church
· Árran – Lule Sami Centre
· Aajege – Sami Language Centre
· HiST- Sør-Trøndelag University College